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Tone Rockets

Premium Strings for your Electric Guitar
Made in the U.S.A.

Attention to detail

The noble quest for Tone. It's elements range from the wood and finish of an instrument, the amplification and speakers - to the entire tone chain in between. Experimenting with gear and accessories for the evolving and never ending improvement of your sound makes playing fun.

You and the strings on your instrument form a very intimate bond. There is a personal relationship between how they feel, your playing approach, and your fingers. These together with the tonal qualities of the strings, lead to inspire your Tone. We offer you a world class premium string with properties that allow for a quick break in period, stable tuning, feel great, and can last the rigor of performing.

Bringing you a quality, fresh product requires our demanding attention to detail. A few examples include an inventory management system that balances production lead times with inventory on hand. Our products are stored in an optimum climate controlled environment ready to be shipped to you. Producing Tone Rockets to our specifications blends precision manufacturing standards, quality materials, along with the following:

  • A hexagonal steel tempered core lays the foundation for strength
  • Wrapped with high quality nickel plated wire
  • Precision winding for excellent string tuning stability & life
  • Rigorous inspection for string tarnishing or pitting
  • Made one string at a time to strict tolerances
  • Only quality materials are used throughout the process
  • Delivered in corrosion resistant envelope packs
  • Every pack comes with an extra B & E string

With these, and other processes, the premium Rockets offer a quick break-in period, are long lasting, have stable tuning qualities, and perform quite well with chunky lows, articulate midrange & chimey highs.

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Available gauges
Sonic Hybrid 946
Sonic Hybrid 1052

Premium Hybrid Electric Strings
Made in the U.S.A.

Sonic Hybrids deliver heavy lows with articulate, bendable highs that balance for a full,
responsive tone. Made with the same nickel wrap around a tempered hexagonal core as our
Tone Rockets. Designed to last, and do so with a quick break-in period. Hybrid strings are available in two gauge ranges. Our goal always is to provide the same qualities that working musicians love – Play ready quick break-ins, durability and great feel – to all players. Checkout the Sonic Hybrid experience.

Remember to Enjoy life. Live, Love, Learn and Play.

Sonic Hybrid 946
Black Snappers

Premium flat black Delrin picks
Made in the USA

Snappers are offered to the player who would like a pick made from quality materials at a great price point.

The no-gloss material fades with playing resulting in a superior grip. The high-tech Delrin material delivers the snappy response of tortoise shell products. But, unlike tortoise shell, or celluloid, Black Snappers take longer to wear out, and they snap back to memory.

Available in Thin, Medium, or Heavy. The flex and feel will seem comfortably familiar to the tortoise picks, and comes in the Classic 351 triangle shape.


Black Snappers sizes

Black Snappers