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Kauer Guitars and String Dog

November, 2012 - The String Dog Company is pleased to announce that all Kauer Guitars will be delivered featuring Tone Rockets strings. Kauer Guitars has been using String Dog Tone Rockets extensively and is excited to feature all of their handcrafted instruments to both their dealers and customers crowned with Tone Rockets.

The long standing relationship between Doug Kauer and String Dog's President, Nathan Ferrarelli, has resulted in a decision to enlarge String Dog's role to being the original equipment provider of electric strings. Nathan stated "We have always loved the creativity, design, and unique blend of wood Doug uses in his guitars. And we share the same views on quality and attention to detail. He uses as many sets as needed to finish a particular build, completes a setup, and then delivers the instrument with a fresh set. Now that is being meticulous, paying attention to detail, and an experience we definitely want to be a part of with Doug."

Kauer Guitars will continue to proudly equip its guitars with Tone Rockets and looks forward to a long, continued relationship with the String Dog.

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