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Kauer Guitar Kauer Guitars
Doug of Kauer Guitars uses his own body shape design along with a unique blend of woods for the construction. This includes Spanish Cedar, Ambrosia Maple caps and Wenge fret boards. The result is an instrument with its own tonal voice: it is light weight, resonant, warm, and feels comfortably natural to play.
Springer Guitars Springer Guitars
Mikael uses tradition to hand build instruments that brings out the voice of the player. Tone with comfort, playability, ergonomic design, and attractive body forms that are also functional - are elements of an ideal guitar. Along with a player's vision and input – Mikael Springer achieves this mix in building instruments to a high degree.
Teuffel Tesla Teuffel
Ulrich Teuffel decided to take his industrial background and the concept of interchangeability to hand build guitars that have been called avant garde.  From the effects press buttons of the Tesla to the ability to adjust pickups by sliding them toward the bridge or neck in the Birdfish model – he brings his own "no apologies" approach in life to building guitars.
John Walker Guitars John Walker Guitars
John Walker, while spending his tenure at Gibson, co-started the custom shop there. He also brought his talents to Tacoma Guitars before turning his experience to building his namesake line. His approach is to never stop improving.
Hahn Guitars Hahn Guitars
Chihoe Hahn builds traditional instruments with resonance and a vintage tone that is dialed-in and issue-free, so artists and players can use their guitars daily. His shop even makes the bridges of some models.
Brook Guitars Brook Guitars
Andy and Simon were seeking a more inspirational way to make a living. With complimenting skills and a love and devotion to the craft, they are content building acoustic guitars. Every phase of a build is inspected for quality as you would expect from quality instruments.
Blackstar Amp Blackstar Amplification
Even with all the prior pedigree in amplification design, the Blackstar team spent 2 1/2 years designing, researching, and testing what became award-winning products. Great amps for their price pricing points. We have two Blackstars in the Shop.
Carr Amps Carr Amplifiers
Steve Carr set out to make reliable, versatile amplification that is an extension of the player themselves. With his meticulous attention to quality and circuits of his own design, we believe he has has accomplished his goals and beyond.
Louis Amp Louis Electric Amplifiers
Lou Rosano’s passion is to bring the early to late 50’s Tweed and early Plexi Amplification to the present. The hand wired amplifiers have found their way to artists that include Warren Haynes, Danny Gatton, and Robben Ford among many others.
SamAmps SamAmp
Exceptional value for a hand-wired, point-to-point Class A tube amplifier. Instead of an attenuator, SamAmp uses variable amplitude clipping (VAC) to control five wattage settings. You can check it out at
Dr. Z Ghia Dr. Z Amplification
The good Doctor has been making some of the finest performing and recording amps in the business. Ground up circuitry and tube designs, Dr Z’s are built to endure, with great tone.
Schroeder Amp Schroeder Audio
Tim Schroeder’s DB7 amplifier is a 6L6 driven 45 Watt amplifier. Meticulous detail begins at the thick alumimun chassis, continuous with the gain stage being driven by a 6SC7 tube, and ends with unbelievable headroom. Form and function, in and out – a work of art.
Guitar Straps
Couch Straps Couch Guitar Straps
Great, great straps. Uses recycled, interesting materials, such as seat belt straps, or Mercedes seat material from the 80s, among other stuff. Well made, durable, interesting designs all make them of the best straps we have ever used.
Lollar Pickups Lollar Pickups
Jason Lollar arguably makes some of the world's best pickups. His experience as a guitar builder, performing artist - and of course building pickups - brings a lot of intelligence to the pickup arena. Consideration for selecting a pickup should include Lollars.
Armor Gold Cables Armor Gold Cables
Premium instrument cable for guitar, bass and amplifier. Industrial strength, made in the USA.